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On or about June 4 2009 Respondent entered into a treatment plan with a patient at his clinic in Mesa, Arizona. Respondent began a consensual inter-personal relationship with patient on or about September 1, 2010 and they were engaged in December 2010. Respondent advised patient on September 4, 2010 that he was terminating their doctor patient relationship and turning over her care to another doctor. Despite Respondent's assertion that other staff physicians were responsible for the patient's care, Respondent continued to act as her physician throughout the illness. Respondent's signature appeared at least 31 times on progress notes in the patient's medical record after September 4, 2010 until her death on December 20, 2011. Respondent admitted to not keeping records regarding the treatment of the patient including narcotic administration. Respondent continued to write prescriptions for intravenous Dilaudid for patient after another physician noted in the medical record on September 1, 2011 that she would prefer not to write for intravenous Dilaudid and that patient needed a pain specialist to manage her care. Respondent failed to adequately supervise caregivers assisting with therapeutic care provided to patient while living in his home between 8, 2011 and 12, 2011. Respondent failed to document the administration of medications, including intravenous Dilaudid to patient. Respondent failed to properly designate his M.D.(H) after his name on his website advertising.
Respondent completed CME in Professional Boundaries for 38.75 hours; Medical Records for 17 hours; and Physician Prescribing for 24 hours of CME. Respondent underwent a substance abuse evaluation based on concerns about possible diversion. The substance abuse evaluation documented that all drug test results were negative and that he did not see issues regarding Respondent's safety to practice.
Respondent's conduct constitues unprofessional conduct relating to appropriately directing, collaborating with or supervising licensed, certified or registered health care provider; practices contrary to recognized standards of ethics; failing to maintain adequate patient records; and using the designation M.D. in such a way that led the public to believe that a person was also licensed by the Arizona medical board.
ORDER: Respondent is placed on probation for one year. In addition to the continuing education hours required for license renewal, the Board orders that Respondent shall complete continuing education in professional boundaries, medical record keeping, and prescribing of medications. Respondent shall file a written report to the Board every other month, disclosing whether he provided direct patient care and/or consulted in any manner by providing, direct or indirect patient care in Arizona, during the preceding sixty day period. Respondents first report shall be submitted to the Board sixty days from the effective date of the Order and every sixty days thereafter. Within 10 days of the effective date of the Consent Agreement, Respondent shall comply with Arizona law regarding the use of the MD(H) designation on his websites and provide the Board with written proof of the changes. Respondent shall meet all renewal requirements for each year that he remains on probation and keep his license current by submitting a complete license renewal application to the Board.
On March 11, 2014 the Board voted to approve the end of Probation and Termination of the Consent Agreement and Order effective March 12, 2014. They found that Dr. Lodi had complied with all aspects of the Consent Agreement and Order and that monitoring and probation were no longer required. Dr. Lodi's License No. 0140 is restored to active status .
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