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Dr. Jesse Stoff, the Responsent, stipulated to a Consent Agreement with the board in lieu of further litigation that stated the respondent will undergo a two year period of monitoring and rehabilitation and be subjec to certain terms: 1) the Respondent shall not order experimental testing, medication or treatment without first obtaining the patient's informed consent; 2) Respondent shall provide patients with informed consent forms as to cost for testing services and treatment protocols. The informed consent shall be reviewed and signed by client; 3) Respondent shall use a COD lab for all testing services; 4) on or before 10-1-01 the Responent shall obtain 50 hours of CME in records and medical practice manegement, diagnoses, testing and treatment; 5) Ensure all files contain appropriate documentation and support for all testing and treatment ordered in the SOAP format; 6) ensure adequate supervision of all staff members providing treatment; 7) subject himself to random audits by the board or its designee; 8) ensure all medical records are safeguarded and promptly provide them to parties if requested; 9) waive all right to review or rehearing, including a judicial review action.
The Respondent agrees if he fails to comply with the terms of this Board Order, the Board may revoke, suspend, or otherwise discipline his license after appropriate notice and hearing.
The parties acknowledge the action is a non-disciplinary action which does not place restriction on the Respondent's practice, but that is reportable to the NPDB. Dr. Stoff disputes that the matter is reportable.
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